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From the mother of child with autism – Suruchi Choudhary

Lakshya had turned 3 years old and he had yet to speak any word. His anger and frustration was clearly visible, when he tried to convey for routine needs like, “I need water”. He didn’t respond accurately to any emotions either. I didn’t want to but had to accept that Lakshya was not behaving like a normal child. He was already diagnosed for Autism. My search for therapy started.

I visited an event on Autism Awareness Day in 2017. Event was organized by Aadhaar Centre. The next day I went to Aadhaar to enquire for Lakshya’s therapy. I had lots of doubt whether it would really benefit Lakshya or not. Therapy started and so did a second life for Lakshya.  As days passed, Lakshya started showing eagerness every morning to go to Aadhaar. The love and affection given by the therapist was attracting him. The video shared on Whatsapp group by Aadhaar in which Lakshya was doing activity further minimized my early doubts and gave a fresh ray of hope. Days and months passed and approximately after 5 months, one day I was pinching myself to wake up from dream, when I heard Lakshya speak his first word, “Aadhaar”. I was overwhelmed with joy and tears of happiness and gratitude started flowing.

Words cannot describe the progress that Lakshya has made since coming to Aadhaar Centre. Now he doesn’t stop talking, surprising daily with new words and vocals.

Over the year of therapies at Aadhaar, he overcame many difficulties like speech, gross motor skills, socialization and more.

At 4 years, Lakshya started his school as a regular kid. He is improving day by day and getting into the mainstream of social life. Today, I am proud to say he also has a YouTube channel.

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