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Like all non-government organisations, we at Aadhaar need volunteers and interns to help us achieve our goals. We have many openings to suit your preference – professional, workshop organisation, administration, fund-raising and others. So if you feel like using your energy for a good cause, do let us know. Aadhaar also welcomes volunteers/ interns in the field of social work, psychology, education, special education, speech therapy, occupational therapy, family therapy and other helping professions. We also need help with our fundraising activities, organization of various events and creating awareness about Aadhaar’s mission.

Internship at Aadhaar

Interning at Aadhaar will help you to develop an understanding in the fields of child development, counselling, career counselling and tele-counselling. Through the internship programme, you will be able to choose the area of work most suitable to your learning preferences. Not only will you strengthen existing skills, you develop new ones while you collect enriching experiences on an almost daily basis. Aadhaar ensures your access to a vast amount of information and believes in mutual learning.

  • 100 Hrs Training Programme
  • 75 Hrs common for all
  • 25 Hrs according to speciality/ field
75 Hours Programme 25 Hours Programme
To increase social media visibility Social Work
Child development exposure – Special education, Speech, PT/ OT Best Practices – NGO
Parent counselling as observer Social media strategy
Teaching classes for older students – School Plus Psychology
Types & techniques of counselling
Project for sustainability benchmark

75 Hours Program

25 Hours Program

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Kindly fill in volunteer/ intern form online or contact at the Aadhaar centre. Do attach a copy of your CV and a photograph of yourself before sending it to aadharcentre@gmail.com, and we will get back to you. Together, let’s make a positive difference to people’s healthcare needs.

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