Dr. Madhav Sathe

An anesthesiologist by profession, and a Social Entrepreneur by action, Dr. Madhav Sathe has changed the way a charitable organisation can function. He introduced a paradigm shift to the concept of a  charitable organisation, from charity to self-sustaining social enterprise. Organisation has done away with the tag of “not for profit” and embraces the new principle of “not for loss”.  Under his leadership, the organization, The Bombay Mother and Child Welfare Society have taken up a multitude of strategic philanthropic initiatives in urban and rural areas of Maharashtra. Leading the social movements as a student and representing the college in sports as captain of the team helped him develop leadership qualities. His novel concept of Human nursery empowered many unqualified staff members with different skills and helped underprivileged boys to bloom to their full potential. Today organization is working in the field of Low cost modern and well-equipped hospitals. Helps 120 Cancer patients with a comfortable stay in Mumbai during their treatment. Professional crèches reduce the guilt of 700 working mothers. Rural development programs in 92 villages have transformed communities with interventions in Health, Hygiene, Education, Vocational training, and a meaningful environment. He is a visiting faculty at TISS Mumbai.

Introducing a novel concept of E-learning without the internet has brought a dramatic change in rural education. Digitized and animated curriculum converted classrooms in picture halls.100% attendance is the norm now. Power starved schools now have their own solar powerhouse to keep education nonstop.

Multiple innovative concepts like a Mobile computer training center, science Exhibitions is reducing the urban-rural divide.

Doorstep training in tailoring has empowered 300 women.

Risk mitigation comes into the picture only after a calamity. He developed an interesting concept of Reverse Risk Mitigation. In this, we plant 5 fruit trees in the backyard of the BPL family. encouraging.

All programs are contributory and sustainable by communities. He could combine his profession and passion very well for the last 35 yrs. Transformation of a closing organisation was without formal education in  Administration, finance, economics, and human resources. Sheer logic was the force behind all bold decisions. Received prestigious Praj-Symbiosys maha entrepreneur award in 2010. Hutatma Rajguru lifetime achievement award in2011. TEDx IPER Bhopal speaker, Oct2019

Website www.thebmcws.com.

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