Dr. Latika


Dr. (Mrs.) Latika Chouhan is the Vice-chairperson of the Rajeev Gandhi Group of Institutions; in addition is an Advocate, Supreme Court, New Delhi Social Justice.

She has specialised in science, economics and law. She is actively involved in the working of the Rajeev Gandhi group of institutions and is always in the forefront of helping students reach their highest potential irrespective of their socio-economic strata. Her passion is in focusing on the three areas: education, child/ women welfare and workmen at grass root level to achieve equal opportunity to all. A quiet and unobtrusive worker, she believes in working behind the limelight and bringing about realistic changes in lives of individuals. She is an active member of Jansankhya Sthirata Kosh, chairperson of Sewa Bharti (Madhya Bharat) Bhopal Mahaveer Mandal and various Lion’s clubs.

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