Dr. Jagmeet K. Chawla


Dr. Jagmeet Kaur Chawla is a developmental and adolescent pediatrician and a child counselor who did her MD Paed and DCh from Bombay University and is one of the founding director of Aadhaar Centre for child development and psychological counseling which is working on the vision of empowering every individual to ignite their inherent talent and live a life of dignity and pride.

She is also the co-founder of Chawla Children Nursing Home which is the pioneer institute of neonatal and child care services in Bhopal since 1991.

An expert faculty for Advocacy and Capacity Building programs for UNFPA and UNICEF, NHM, MPSATS and IGNOU, Water Aid, and a number of NGOs, she has participated as a speaker in a number of advocacy programs for parents, teachers, and principal in various schools and colleges of Bhopal and other cities, presented a number of papers in national conferences and has been felicitated and honored with numerous awards.

She is passionate about children, dreams to see every child being mainstreamed, and accepted with unconditional love, and strongly believes in the quote ‘The only disability in life is a bad attitude’.

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